We never try to undersell our product by saying it’s an easy investment. While the dollars and cents make it a sensible investment, it’s still a challenging one in the sense that A.) there’s a lot to learn and B.) you’re changing an established behavior that you’ve been hardwired to do for years.

So we’re going to help you out a little bit and share some sites we think provide readers with some great insights and information on solar power. An educated customer almost always ends up being a good customer in our world, so here are six sites we think can help you make more informed decisions.

Go Stellar.com

If you’re on the fence about going solar – this is the community for you. There’s a great ‘curious’ page where you can read stories of people who’ve made the switch and hear about their challenges and successes. There’s also a cool calculator that can help you see how much money you’ll save on future bills, etc.


Solar Reviews

Solarreviews.com is your straight line, zero propaganda source for finding good installers. The whole idea of the site is to promote competent solar installers. The thought being – that the better the installer, the better the result for the customer. The better the result the customer gets, the more likely they’ll be to talk up the experience and then hopefully encourage others to make the switch – thus helping the industry as a whole.  There’s also lots of current events information there, industry news and the like. It’s a great catch-all for all things solar panel related.



Solar Energy International (or SEI for short) is a non-profit that is attempting to provide technical training in renewable energy that could potentially improve people’s quality of life. Once you have solar, there IS a little bit of a learning curve, so this is a great place to get some DIY training. There are plenty of online workshops and courses – and also in-depth, highly technical analyses of various major international solar projects. They also put out a pretty cool magazine every month that comes with lots of do-it-yourself at home tips and news and notes from around the industry.



The good ole’ government website on energy is a good one. Here, you’ll learn about what the country’s priorities are in terms of energy development, what kinds of transformative sciences and technology is coming down the pike, etc. The useful part for you however – is the consumer section of the site. There’s all sorts of great advice on conserving energy in your every day life.