Summer is prime time for solar panels. Long days, lots of sun and blue sky means that panels will perform at peak capability. This month’s blog is about some of the things you can look forward to as the summer begins to take hold and what you expect as your solar panels reach their peak.

Let’s jump right in.

More productivity

Longer days means more sun and more sun means more energy. In Florida, we enjoy about 14 to 15 hours of light per day until the end of the summer. While storms and overcast skies might prove to be speed bumps, the reality is that the sun is strong, the weather’s good and that can mean a whole ton of power for you and your home.

Hard work

Not only will you be feeling the heat this summer, but so will your solar panels. While we enjoy the warmth that summer brings, we also need to stay cool while we’re indoors and as such, we’ll lean on things like the A/C to do that. Make no mistake about it – while your panels are taking in a lot of energy, they’ll also be expending plenty of it as well.

Because the weather is hot and the panels will be working a lot, your panels will retain more heat as a result and may run less efficiently as they convert sunlight into electricity. The opposite happens in the winter, where the panels put less effort in, but operate a little bit more efficiently.

Hard work pays off

While your panels may be working their tails off and grappling with the heat as much as you are – they’ll store that energy and make everything you’re doing easy. Simply put – you’ll reap the rewards.

There’s also financial rewards for some as well. If you have a deal where your solar panels are given back to the grid, you might get paid for that extra energy. What’s even better is that money can be put back to your system in the winter months when days are shorter and your solar might not be generating as much energy as you need for your energy needs.

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