About Us

The parent company of Coronado Solar which is Coronado Custom Homes was formed in 2002. Coronado Solar was then formed in 2008 by President and founder Dennis Mee.

Our continued mission is to enable business owners and home owners to become self-sufficient. By reducing and when possible eliminating the need for energy created by fossil and other non-renewable fuels.

Coronado Solar is committed to providing quality renewable energy products to its customers. We continue to research and develop our own line of solar products. We are proud to announce that we have been able to provide portable PV products at affordable prices that are being used in Florida and throughout the Caribbean.

Dennis Mee is a State licensed solar contractor in Fl. I also hold a State license as a building contractor and a roofing contractor’s license. We have been installing renewable energy products i.e. solar electric and solar thermal systems throughout the state of Florida. Also, we have expanded our services to include the Caribbean countries.

After the devastating earthquake in Haiti, we were chosen as the contractor to install an off grid “PV” Solar electric system that powers a 58,000 sq. ft. open air market in the heart of Port Au Prince, a project that we we’re extremely proud of. The Iron market in Haiti which to date is the largest stand-alone solar electric project in that country, supplying 108,000 watts of power to the newly rebuilt open air market.

One of our newest products is our solar light tower. This product eliminates the need for constant maintenance which is required when using diesel powered units. Our system is also quiet and completely automatic.

Coronado Solar has standing beside them several very highly qualified engineering and design teams and highly qualified team of structural and electrical and auto cad designers with over 60 years of combined experience in the solar industry, which completes our team.

In conclusion Coronado Solar is ready to and able to help their clients meet the energy needs with clean dependable renewable energy.


Dennis Mee



Since this letter was written, Coronado Solar has gone through many great years and this year is no different! Now we are expanding to include new markets in Florida and potentially other states. Our focus with this growth is to ensure that the family-like quality that our company currently has continues through this growth process. We are confident in our process, our products, and our team. We are confident that you will be more-than-pleased with our work and invite you to speak with our team. If you still need convincing, you can see what others have said about our work HERE or HERE.