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You can buy solar panels online through a virtual consultation with a solar consultant

In our busy lives, everyone is looking for convenience, and the past twelve months have helped many businesses, including ours, improve their online offerings. But what about when it comes to something like solar? Can you buy solar panels online? And are you really going to get a reliable quote for your home if the consultant isn’t there on your property to see your house? 

Yes and yes! Frankly, with today’s technology, your online consultation won’t be that much different than a face-to-face one. Let’s take a closer look:

You’ll Still Get to Interact Face to Face with a Person

Let’s be honest… purchasing a solar system virtually isn’t going to be like ordering a T-shirt from Amazon or a pair of shoes from Zappos. Each home’s solar profile and each homeowner’s needs are going to be different, so a one-size-fits-all buy-it-now approach doesn’t work. In fact, if someone tries to sell you a prepackaged solar system, run the other way! Solar systems should be customized to you and your needs or you are going to end up disappointed. 

The first thing your consultant will do is set up a meeting with you in a virtual meeting space so the two of you can work out all the numbers and address any concerns you may have. This also gives the consultant an opportunity to gain your trust. After all, that’s why many people prefer an in-home consultation. They want to get to know who they are doing business with.

But I’m not Computer Savvy… 

No worries! We have meeting platforms available to us that don’t require any downloads, logins or special technology and are completely secure. Your consultant will call you on the phone and walk you through the process of accessing the meeting room.

How will the consultant be able to design a system for me without seeing my home?

A big part of customizing a system is the information we can glean from a simple utility bill, which is why you should have one ready for any discussion about going solar. And while an in-person walk around can be valuable for the consultant in designing your system, it’s not a deal breaker. 

As far as your roof goes, satellites have made that part easy! And while we appreciate Google Maps (and you probably do, too), we have invested a significant amount of resources in tools that offer more up-to-date satellite imagery. If anything is missed during the design process (like a vent on the roof, for example), it will be caught during the site survey. The site survey is the first step in the installation process where a surveyor comes to your home to take measurements and assess your roof firsthand. At this point, subtle adjustments can be made without disrupting the process. Frankly, with our advanced mapping tools, experience, and a little intuition, we’re rarely surprised.

Let’s say I want to go solar… how do I sign the paperwork?

Whether you meet face-to-face or online, all initial paperwork is paperless. You have the ability to view, ask questions about, and sign the initial installation agreement and financing paperwork completely digitally. These documents are also available to you via a portal. If there is a document requiring a wet signature, that can be safely done with our site survey team. Customers are furnished a hard copy of all paperwork after it’s signed.

Can I really trust something as important as going solar to a completely online process?

Yes, you can. That said, we understand the importance of trust. Some people want to have someone come to their home, sit down with them, and shake their hand at the end of the day. That’s okay! But we’ve had many customers comment on how surprised they were at the ease and convenience of the virtual consultation process. They were able to connect personally with their solar consultant as well as rake that person over the coals once or twice! (Hey, don’t hesitate to ask your solar consultant the hard questions! That’s what they’re there for.) That person will also be there for you throughout your entire project and beyond, whether your first meeting was virtual or in person.

So, if you’ve been thinking about solar but have been holding out on booking a consultation because of Covid-19, travel, or even a too-busy schedule, consider a virtual consultation instead. No matter which way you connect with us, we’re here to help you have the best solar experience possible!

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