When they first arrived to market, Electric Vehicles, or EVs, were prohibitively expensive and not very useful in their range. Since then, options have arrived to market that put EVs in the price range of many people that can afford a new car. One company is striving to bring awareness and the “electrifying” experience to Floridians: Driving on Sunshine. Their roadshow of electric vehicles will tour Florida, giving us the change to drive electric without the pressure of a salesperson. Attendees of the EV roadshow will have the opportunity to test drive a Nissan LEAF hatchback, a Tesla Model 3 sedan, or a custom-wrapped Tesla Model X for free. Tell me that doesn’t sound like an awesome way to see how easy and practical an electric vehicle can be!


Driving on SunshineDriving On Sunshine's vehicles

From their website: “Driving on Sunshine is an electric vehicle roadshow hosted by Electrify the South, a campaign of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy to empower individuals and communities to transition to clean, electric transportation throughout the Southeast. The roadshow promotes the ease and benefits of electric vehicle (EV) transportation through personal, hands-on driving experiences. The campaign seeks to bridge the gap between everyday transportation needs and the social good of driving electric.”

How driving on sunshine can work for you!

Coronado Solar has put our money where our mouth is when it comes to driving on sunshine! Our owner, Dennis, drives his Tesla Model X powered almost completely by the power of the sun. In addition to that, our site surveyors use Chevy Volt company cars to go to-and-fro across the Sunshine State, getting other homeowners ready to take advantage of solar panels to power their lives! Our completely off-grid Avon Park hub facility utilizes two charging stations to ensure that all of our vehicles are ready to hit the roads to get your solar life started.





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Thanks to CleanEnergy.org and Driving On Sunshine for the information contained in this article.

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