What You Need to Know About Solar Energy

As a Florida solar panel contractor, one of the most common questions is if solar energy is a good investment. Whether you are still researching your options or need clarification, we put together a list of reasons why you should consider environmentally friendly solar electricity. Do you have questions or want to set up an appointment to get started? Call us today at 863-381-6083!

1. The Cost Effective Benefits of Solar Panel Energy

When most people hear the two words “renewable power” the first thing that comes to mind is it will be an expensive investment. However, clean power systems are much cheaper than regular electricity. For a return on your investment, the right options need to be selected.

The rise of business and residential owners buying solar panels across the nation are reaping the benefits of tax subsidies. Earlier this year our Florida solar panel contractor posted a blog on the Florida 2017 Solar Report Card for the State of Florida. We recommend that you read it because it has helpful information that will answer some of your questions.

2.    Solar Energy’s Resiliency

When you invest in solar energy, the benefits are more than saving money on energy bills. The energy that is generated from the solar panels because it feeds into the electrical grid. It happens this way because of the two-way communication of the solar grid. The connection between your roof and the national grid offers energy efficiencies at peak demand hours.

When evening arrives, most Floridians are home completing chores, and the electrical grid overdrives energy to help you use some appliances at the same time. Most critics believe that blackouts or brownouts are common when using solar electricity. To define the word brownout, according to the dictionary it means “a reduction in or restriction on the availability of electrical power in a particular area.” The good news is your environmentally friendly solar panels can reduce electrical overloads providing a resilient and modern grid.

3. Solar Electricity Makes You Money

There are utility benefits and IRS tax incentives for solar panel consumers with the option of reducing their initial investment. Also, you will notice lower energy costs because a process called net metering occurs which is the way that homeowners received credits when their renewable energy shared on the national grid. As a result, when the solar panels generate an excess amount of energy, you are selling energy, and not only sharing it. The more you depend on your system, the more your utility company will lower your bill.

Coronado Solar is the Florida solar panel contractor that has a vested interest in their community. The company is passionate about keeping the environment safe and providing people with high-quality products that will add value to their home as they save money over time on electrical bills. Call Coronado Solar today for a quote and to set up an appointment to have solar panels installed.