How Our Florida Solar Power Contractors Helped Haiti After the Earthquake

One of the worst natural disasters that we can remember is the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that devastated the island of Haiti in the city of Port Au Prince, on January 12, 2010. As Florida Solar Power Contractors, we believe that using our skills to help neighboring Caribbean islands is important. We are proud to share our story of a project that we worked on that has changed the lives of many. If you have a similar project that needs attention, please give us a call at 863-381-6083.

Our Florida Power Contractors At The Marche En Fer Iron Market


After the earthquake, Coronado Solar was chosen as our Florida Solar Power Contractors to install an off grid “PV” Solar electric system that powers a 58,000 SQ. ft. open-air market in the heart of Port AU Prince. The Iron Market which to date is the largest stand-alone solar electric project in the country, is supplying 108,000 watts of power to the newly rebuilt open air market.

  • This piece of architecture was a symbol of the capital city that was built in 1889. It is a popular place for merchants that sell art, turtles, pigeons, spices and local food and goods.
  • It is the first historical landmark in Haiti that was rebuilt. One year after the earthquake it was re-opened to residents.

A Time Our Florida Solar Power Contractors “Build Back Better”

There is great symbolism in the clock tower and four minarets in the community with a slogan “build back better” that was quoted by President Bill Clinton. This new building was built to meet international codes, as an earthquake and hurricane resistant property, and is 100 percent energy independent. Before we began this project as the leading Florida commercial Solar company, we understood how essential it was for us to use our previous experience, innovation and hard work to help make a positive difference in Haiti.

Despite the efforts in rebuilding Haiti, the Iron Market continues to have an unstable power grid. Our company, Coronado Solar was commissioned by Digitcel Group to install a 108 kW system and to provide a reliable energy source. The system was comprised of 502 solar panels, nine SMA Sunny Boy 6000-US inverters, nine SMA Sunny Boy 7000-US inverters, two SMA  Multicluster boxes with 18 SMA Sunny Island 5048-US  inverters, and 132 batteries.

The installation of the system at the Iron Market was not an easy journey. We had to work long hours and provide fresh water and food for a 17 person crew in an area that was crushed by Mother Nature. The second challenge was a second racking system that needed to be created above the previous roof to avoid shading. The two crews on site welded and drilled the steel members that were mounted on the racking system of the building. After the work ended, the system was an optimized production of solar power for the Iron Market’s daily needs.

Before the massive earthquake, the Iron Market was untouched because of the neglect of rebuilding and a fire that occurred in 2008. For the people of Haiti, the market is a symbol of hope towards the recovery of Port au Prince. After 3 years of the natural disaster, the Iron Market is now a busy place where locals and a meeting place for friends for thousands of people.

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