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We have all heard about the damage carbon dioxide (CO2) has had on the environment. Industrial plants and fossil fuel combustion are the main culprits for this, and it saw an increase of 35.3 billion tons (Gt) CO2 in 2013. Many people are unaware that the global growth of CO2 started between 1995 to 2002. This incident occurred right after there was a decline in energy consumption in the former Soviet Union countries. It is a consistent factor in the service sector which has seen an increase of 1.8% in 2012 in middle-income countries that includes China.

The global increase of carbon dioxide is caused by an increase in fossil energy consumption that in the emerging economies that heavily uses energy. There are differences in underlying causes which complicates the ability for experts to conduct research to find a reliable answer. When the trends are compared to some areas, there are different approaches used in various countries with the goal of achieving a low-carbon society.

In 2013, the top regions that make up 55% of the planet earth’s CO2 emissions were China with 10.3 billion tons CO2 or 29 per cent. The United States of America with 5.3 billion tons Co2 or 15%, and the European Union (3.7 billion tons CO2 or 11%).

Florida Solar Power Contractors Interesting Fact Discovery

  • China saw an increase of 4.2% of carbon dioxide emissions in 2013 compared to the previous year
  • Between 2008 to 2013 the United States had an increase of 2.5%
  • The European Union noticed a decrease in 2006 and a 1.4% decrease in 2013
  • Russia had a decline of 0.8%, India 4.4%, Brazil 6.2% and Indonesia 2.3%

Florida Solar Power Contractors Advice On How to Lower CO2 Emissions

  1. Eating Less Red Meat

When you eat red meat for your entire life, it can be a challenge to eat less of it. Think about it like this. Red meat makes up livestock that includes sheep, cows, and cattle. These animals produce methane that just so happens to be a greenhouse gas producing 72 times more CO2 over a 20-year period. Did you know pork, chicken, and meat produce fewer carbon dioxide emissions?

  1. Energy Efficient Appliances

As a Florida Solar Power Contractors, we believe in solar panel electricity. When you buy new electronic appliances, ask the retail store about the water and energy usage. Energy efficient appliances help lower the CO2 impact.

  1. Food Miles

A term called food miles is used to find out how far your food had to travel to make it to your kitchen table. When you buy from a local producer it lowers the CO2 travel tag.

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