Florida Solar Power Contractors Research Findings

We want first to tell you that as a team of Florida solar power contractors, we are thankful for all our customers and want to wish everyone is reading this blog a Happy New Year.

2016 was a very interesting year, and after we read the most recent Florida Power Rankings report from Solar Power Rocks, we want to have good news and helpful information for you. We are constantly searching for helpful news to help you understand more about our industry. For your next solar panel project, give is a call at 863-381-6083.

The solar power industry has seen many changes last year with a long list of accomplishments that are beneficial to the state of Florida. As Florida solar power contractors this is good news for all of us.There were many concerns about the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit that have come to an end because of good news based on this report. Here is the good news for the Sunny State of Florida:

  • The Feds have granted an incentive for solar power customers that have to come out of their pockets for the investment. While state incentives are not available, the incentive increases the federal solar tax credit.
  • After a Florida customer receives a tax credit, energy savings in the first year is up to 35% of the starting cost.

NOTE: Please contact a qualified accountant to provide you with tax advice on Florida state solar tax credits.

Florida Solar Power Contractors Improvements

When compared to other U.S. states, Florida does not have a capacity limit. For example, we do not have problems with hooking up to the grid because people in the neighborhood are also hooked up. Florida has a smaller residential solar power system while other communities in the U.S. with a larger system have a series of problems.

Florida Solar Power Contractors Research Payments Findings

If you haven’t heard of performance payments, it is a small payment that calculates for every kWh that a Florida solar system produces. In the Sunny State, we have one utility company which is offering a pretty good incentive.

Customers with Orlando Utilities Commission receive a $0.05/kWh rate in addition to a credit received for the electricity the system generates. Even if you don’t use power, you receive an incentive for every kWh of electricity generated as a part of the program that lasts for five years. If you want to renew the program after the first five years, you can automatically renew for a price the Orlando Utilities Commission will provide.

Florida Sales Tax Exemption – Grade A

In Florida, homes with solar power are more valued than households that do not use it. Your additional property taxes can be exempt, and while your house has an increase of property value of $20, you can save $1 of electricity in a calendar year. Imagine not having to pay taxes on this amount. What an incentive!

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