HOAs can’t stop Floridians from going solar

Are you interested in going solar, but worried you might have issues with your HOA? Worry no more. Your HOA can’t stop you from going solar. Here’s why:

Florida homeowners have the right to go solar

You don’t really need HOA approval for solar because they can’t say no. Florida Statute 163.04 forbids HOAs and any other governing bodies from prohibiting a property owner from installing solar. They may have a say in where the panels go, but only if it doesn’t affect the system’s performance. 

House Bill 697 expanded upon this legislation, allowing condominium boards to install solar on their properties without unit owners’ approval as well as allowing unit owners to install solar on their own properties.

If your HOA is unaware of these statutes, you can forward them this handy flyer.

We can help you submit your solar project to your HOA

HOA approval for solar is a formality. Even though your HOA can’t deny you your right to go solar, you may still have to follow their process as far as reporting your intention and submitting proper paperwork. We work with our clients to make sure their HOA has the information they need to understand what’s involved with the project. Of course, as a licensed installer, we follow all state and local laws and guidelines with regards to permitting, etc. We’ve worked with numerous HOAs and have experienced very few problems.

Coronado solar panels look great on your roof

Most of the time, if an HOA has concerns it’s about how the panels look on the roof. To facilitate HOA approval for solar, we use low-profile American-made Heliene solar panels, and when they are installed, we think they look beautiful! Our microinverters are hidden underneath each panel so there’s no bulky inverter system to mar the aesthetic. When your neighbors see your panels, they’ll be impressed at the very least and jealous at most!

You may even get a referral bonus out of it

Many times when HOA members see their neighbor going solar, they get interested in solar themselves. Since we pay a $500 referral bonus to any customer who refers someone to us (and that person goes solar, too), it can be some pretty sweet icing on the cake. 

Our consultants can even give presentations to the entire HOA board or neighborhood, for that matter. Each time someone you refer us goes solar, it’s $500 in your pocket!

Powering Your Neighbors

Did you know that when you go solar, excess energy you produce goes to power your neighbors’ homes? It’s true! When your solar system overproduces, the extra power goes back onto the grid, but it doesn’t make sense to make it travel miles and miles. To reduce loss, that energy is used to meet the energy needs nearby, namely, your neighbors’ homes.

If you have more questions about solar and your HOA, feel free to give us a call or reach out to us through Facebook. We’re here to help!

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