Solar Electric, or Photovoltaic ‘PV’ Systems by Coronado Solar

We take our customers requirements from inception to completion with the solar installation process. Most clients come to us not knowing all the details of what’s involved in eliminating their electric bill. We walk them through the steps explaining how the product works and what they can expect from it. We also go over options with our clients such as what brand of solar panels they have to chose from and the same with inverters. Last, we review the solar installation process to make sure that everyone knows what to expect over the next weeks with permitting, installation, and inspection by the power company, for grid tie systems.

There are 3 basic types of PV systems:

  • Grid Tie ‑ does not include batteries, then
  • Grid Tie with Batteries ‑ protects the client in the event of an outage,
  • Off Grid Battery Backup ‑ this type of system is used when getting power from the Grid to your site is not practical or desired.

Solar Attic Fans

Solar attic fans keep the attic cooler, thus lowering the electric bill by letting the AC unit work more efficiently. The attic fans can move 400-800 cubic feet of air per minute reducing the attic temperature by 30-40 degrees.


The residential carport is a dual purpose solar installation, creating a shaded area protecting your vehicle’s and making energy for your home & it qualifies for the 30% tax credit.

This system is installed on a standing seam metal roof, that our company also installed. We used a S-5 mounting system that allows us to avoid making penetrations in the roof, as they attach to the vertical section of the panels.

This is an example of a rendering that we send to client to demonstrate what the panels will look like on their roof.

As always, we want you to feel comfortable with your solar installation and the process surrounding it. Click HERE to start the process and meet with one of our solar installation specialists in your area. Take a look at our reviews HERE.