So this month’s blog is for our friends who are either already customers of ours or have already taken the plunge and invested in solar panels for their home. It’s a question we get frequently: I want to upgrade my system but I don’t know how?

This happens a lot, actually – where you either find you need more power for your home – and fortunately for you – many of the newer systems are designed to increase capacity. With older systems (10+ years) – it’s a little harder, but it can be done, albeit not as seamlessly.

So how does it work?

It really depends on the size of your inverter. If you went a little oversized to accommodate adding to your system some day, then the inverter you have should be big enough to allow you to upgrade your system. If it’s not, you’ll have to get a new inverter along with the panels.

Also be sure you account for the amount of space you have left. More panels inevitably means you’ll need more space – either on your roof or the ground. Be conscious of that.

Some things to think about

While we LOVE new business, we would be shortchanging you if we said to contact anyone other than who originally installed your panels if you’re considering an addition. They know the panels and frankly, they’ll know your system. That means, they’ll know what actual, legitimate upgrades you can make. There’s also some legal mumbo-jumbo in here as well – as you could potentially void your system warranty if you bolt for another contractor to add to your existing system. So before you do anything – make that call, see what your options are and see if you’ve got the opportunity to make yourself a free agent of sorts. That’s step one.

And before you ask – ‘yes’ you can mix and match components from different brands and makes if need be, so long as the voltage capacity is compatible and balanced properly. Fill out our quick form HERE and we will reach out to answer your questions about this.

Always be thinking about what’s next

Always be thinking about future usage. Even if you’ve cooled on the idea of an addition now. If you’re looking to tomorrow though, be sure to do a few things, first:

Choose a strong, established panel and inverter brand. It’ll cost more, but trust us, it’ll be worth it. Lesser known manufacturers can build panels that could lead to more maintenance and issues down the line. The money’s more up front – but in the long run? It’s worth it.

Second, discuss usage with your contractor. Let them know what your goals are and where you want to be. That way any updates (maintenance and the like) can be catered to meet those specific goals that you have in mind.

Do you have other questions about adding to your solar panel system? We’re happy to help! Don’t hesitate to reach out HERE for more information!

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