Solar FAQs 

You’re asking ’em, we’re answering ’em! Without further ado… your top frequently asked questions about solar in Florida answered. 


Why should I go solar?


What are the financial benefits of solar?

Installing solar on your property allows you to make the electricity you use rather than buying it from the electric company. Most people save between 30% to 50% of their energy costs by going solar. Going solar also protects you from rate increases by the utility company. In the vast majority of cases, solar is a smart investment.

What are the environmental benefits of solar?

Because you are making power from a completely renewable resource (the sun), solar panels are much better for the environment than burning fossil fuels or relying on nuclear power that is “clean” until it isn’t. Switching to solar power reduces greenhouse gas emissions, known contributors to climate change, and also reduces the number of air pollutants that can cause health problems.

How will solar affect my property value?

Studies have consistently shown that homes with solar systems sell for more than homes without them. The National Appraisal Guide of the United States of America states that the value of a solar system equals the value of the energy produced each year times the number of years left in service. So, if purchasing the energy produced by your solar system each year would cost $1,928, and your system has 24 years of service remaining under warranty, the appraised value of that system equals $1928 x 24, or $46,272.


Are you ready to Go Solar?


Can I afford to go solar? 

If you have the ability to pay your electric bill every month, you can go solar. It’s important to remember that you are not taking on a new bill, but rather are replacing one. That said, if you are going to finance your solar system, the lenders still require a fair credit score. Right now the financing options are fantastic, including no money down and interest rates as low as .99%.

Is my home suitable for solar?

In Florida, all sides of the roof except the north-facing side are suitable for energy production. South-facing sides make the most energy, but east and west are good, too. We can work on tiled, asphalt, and metal roofs. If there is heavy shading on your roof, you may consider cutting back or removing some of the trees on your property. Our consultants use satellite photos of your home and sophisticated software to calculate your home’s energy production potential and design the best system for you. If your roof isn’t well-suited for solar, or if you don’t want to place panels on your roof, a ground mount system is also an option.

Do I need approval from my HOA?

According to Florida Statute Title 11, Section 163.04, no homeowners association or other governing body can stop you from putting a solar system on your property. However, a good company will work with your HOA to get approval for you throughout the process… just to avoid ruffling feathers.

What size solar system should I get? 

The size solar system you will need will depend on how much energy you use. We’ll take a look at your past bills, your home’s efficiency, and your future plans for energy usage to help determine the appropriate size system for you. One area of your solar design to pay particular attention to is the estimated kilowatt-hour (kWh) production, especially if you are getting multiple quotes.

What if I need a new roof? 

If your roof requires repair or replacement, this should be done before your solar system is installed to avoid the cost of removing and reinstalling the system. Solar systems will last for 40 to 50 years, which means at some point your system will have to be removed from a typical roof; however, good planning can make that timing ideal. One of the advantages of working with a full-service company is that we can make recommendations to trusted partners and help take care of all your needs. When roof replacement is a part of your solar project, the available tax incentives may offer additional savings. 

How long will my solar system last?

A quality solar system is warrantied for 25 years. (One of the things that we do differently is ensure that all of the equipment possible is warrantied for 25 years. We achieve this result by working with American vendors.) But the 25-year warranty does not imply the total lifespan of the system—a properly installed solar system using quality equipment will last for 40 to 50 years.

What happens if I sell my solar-powered house?

Between the added value to the sale of your home and the added tax incentives, homeowners often see a 90% to 100% return on their investment.


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