There are only 5 simple things you need to know about going solar.

Top things to know about going solar.

Going solar can seem complicated, but it really isn’t. The technology has been around for decades, it’s long-term, it’s reliable, and now it’s affordable, too! If you are thinking about going solar, there are really only five simple things you need to know . . .

  1. Solar will save you money. Whatever your reasons for going solar, the honest-to-goodness truth is that you want it to make sense financially. In 98% of cases, you WILL save money with solar right away. Most people save $30 to $50 a month Day One by going solar. And they save even more in the long run. As energy prices continue to rise, and as your solar loan is paid off, your savings increase even more. Most people’s solar loan is paid off in 20 years, the solar array itself is guaranteed for 25 years, and it produces for 40 to 50 years. That’s 20 years or more of free energy. Solar is a long term investment that has a guaranteed pay off most other investments can’t offer.
  2. Solar doesn’t add to your monthly costs. You may have seen the advertisements for “free solar”. While these are arguably misleading, they aren’t entirely untrue. That’s because when you go solar you aren’t adding to your expenses, you are replacing one bill (your utility bill) with another (your solar loan). In the vast majority of cases, especially with the super low .99% interest rates lenders have been offering lately, your solar loan payment is less than your average utility bill. Not only that, but your solar loan payment is fixed, so you know what you’re spending every month, unlike utility bills that fluctuate and inevitably go up.
  3. Not all solar companies are equal. Many people worry about which solar panel they should put on their roof, but they aren’t too concerned about who puts it there. That’s a mistake. Solar panels vary only a little in performance as they are based on the same technology. On the contrary, solar companies vary significantly in integrity, commitment, pricing, and customer service. The cheapest solution isn’t always the best, especially when you discover that the system that was installed only covers a small portion of your energy needs, that they don’t deliver on what they promised, or that when you have questions or concerns, there’s no one to turn to. Choose a licensed, reputable installer who prides themselves on years of honest work in their community. That’s always been our commitment. 
  4. Solar won’t hurt your roof. One of the most common concerns we hear from potential customers involves the integrity of their roof. It can be concerning to put holes in your roof, but don’t worry. Properly mounted solar systems do not weaken your roof or cause it to leak. We use proven, state-of-the-art mounting systems that actually make your roof stronger and are guaranteed not to leak. They work on asphalt shingle, concrete tile, and metal roofs. Learn more about solar and your roof here.
  5. Solar still makes sense if you sell your house. Even if you are not going to stay in your home for the 40 or more years that your solar system will be producing energy, you can still benefit from it for as long as you are in the home. Not only do you lower your monthly costs and protect yourself from energy rate hikes, but installing solar increases the value of your home. The National Appraisal Guide of the United States of America states that the value of a solar system equals the value of the energy produced each year times the number of years left in service. You’ll be able to enjoy lower energy costs while you’re in the home, recoup your investment at sale, and pass on savings to the next homeowner. Win, win, win!

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