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We’ve been on the radio at WWOJ 99.1 FM answering some of the top frequently asked questions about solar. Let’s take a peek at the transcript of the conversation between radio host OJ Scott and Coronado solar consultant Mark Swift from December 30, 2020…

OJ: We’re talking solar with Mark Swift at Coronado solar this afternoon. Mark, how’s your day been going?

Mark: My day has been excellent, OJ, it’s my favorite time of year.

OJ: Hey, I was talking to a guy in a store… this is interesting. I ran into a gentleman at the store who heard one of our segments, and he said, yeah, Scott, solar sounds great, but when the hurricane comes along and your solar panels blow off and wind up in Hillsborough County, what happens? And I said, you know, I don’t think that really happens, but I’ll ask Mark about that. How well does solar hold up when the storm comes?

Mark: So, I know… first of all, that’s a great question, and to this gentleman’s concern, I get that question all the time. Every single time I meet with a homeowner they want to know what’s going to happen when the wind gets strong. The strength of the solar system is actually superior to the strength of a Florida roof with an up-to-code hurricane strap. They don’t blow off. And there have been tons and tons of instances where people have had their roofs saved because the solar system’s actually locking it down to the ribs of the home.

OJ: Really? Now that’s interesting! So an added element of strength. It’s even better than no solar at all, right?

Mark: It is. And I’ll tell you this– one of the advantages of Coronado solar over many other companies. We use the number one, pure, American-made mounting system that gives you that kind of strength. There are alternatives out there that are a little less strong. And, you know, I can imagine a panel moving, but in the 10 years that I’ve been doing this, I ‘ve never once had a panel blow off a roof in any of our storms, any of our hurricanes.

OJ: Wow, and that was going to be my next question– real quick, I want to touch on that. You use a lot of American-made products.

Mark: We sure do. You know the panels that we get are North American made. Some of them are made in the Canadian market, but most of them are made here in the U.S. The mounting is made in the U.S. The only piece that I can’t claim is totally U.S.-made is the inverter, which is switching power from DC to AC because it’s basically like a little computer and all computers are manufactured in places around the world, but it’s a California-based company and they’re the ones that support the warranty, so at least that 25 year guarantee, you know it’s coming from us.

OJ: All right, Mark, Well done as always. We’ll talk more about the savings that solar offers tomorrow, but in the meantime remind the folks about the website and the best way to get in touch with you.

Mark: The best way to get in touch with me is 863-399-9066. You can call or text that number, 863-399-9066, and our website is

OJ: Thank you, Mark you have a good day!

Mark: You bet!

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