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Coronado Solar is honest and proven, with over 16 years of experience installing solar panels in Florida

This time, Mark from Coronado Solar and OJ from WWOJ 99.1 FM chat about choosing a solar company. Make sure you choose a solar company you can trust!

OJ: I can’t believe it’s 2021. I don’t know where the time goes, but solar energy, my friend, has come into its own! Now is the time for folks to take advantage of all that Coronado Solar has to offer.

MARK: I agree. You know, we have several things that set us apart in the solar industry. One, most solar companies have trouble claiming more than 2 or 3 years of actual business experience and a lot of them are not native to Florida. When they do claim 9 or 10 years of experience, it’s usually that they’ve migrated from another industry like pools or roofing. We actually have 16 years of experience right here in Highlands County installing solar, and if you take the extended experience like the Coronado Custom Homes history of the company, it gets into over 35 years.

OJ: You came out to the house, I don’t know if I mentioned this to the listeners, but you were at the house, Dad’s place, and we all got together and had a nice chat about solar energy. And you could just tell, you know, Mark you’re one of those guys, you get it. You understand the customer is everything. You are so much more concerned about taking great care of the customer than you are, you know, just making a sale, and we appreciate that.

MARK: Well, thank you. That is one of the nicest things that I could hear someone say and thank you very much. I’ll tell you one of the other things we’re doing to give back to the community…  every deal that happens in Highlands in 2021, Coronado Solar is going to be donating $500 to a charity, and every quarter we are going to move that charity around so we can help more people. The first quarter we’re going to focus on Habitat for Humanity because they are building homes right here in Highlands County for families in need. In Q2, we’re focusing on Selamta Family Project. Selamta creates forever families for orphaned and abandoned children in Ethiopia, and it has its roots right here in Highlands County.

OJ: I’m very familiar with both of those charities. That’s a wonderful thing to do, Mark, and I know you just do such a good job at everything you do at Coronado Solar. Wonderful company! Remind the folks how to get in touch with you.

MARK: Thank you very much, OJ, Listen, everyone who is hearing my voice today, we want your help to help others. And we want your help to allow us to help you, and it doesn’t cost you anything to ask what can I save? and what is it going to look like for my home? You can get  ahold of me, Mark Swift at 863-399-9066. And you can find us at our website where you can click “Request a Quote.” 

OJ: Thanks so much, Mark. Great talking with you!

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