Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems convert sunlight into electricity. Here we look at 10 facts about PV systems that you should consider when making your decision to going green with a PV system:

Installing a PV panel system is a great investment.

  • Returns on a PV system can deliver better returns than stocks and bonds. While solar PV technology is improving each year, now is the right time to make the investment. This is due to the financial incentives, notably the ITC “Solar Tax Credit”, reducing at the end of 2019.
  • Solar panel systems are a great way for you to save money, no matter what your budget is. With many solar loans, your payment to install a PV system that completely offsets your electric bill is less than the actual electric bill. As long as you can pay your electric bill, you can afford solar.
  • Solar power systems can produce electricity for 25 years or more. Most manufactureres offer a 25-year power production warranty, guaranteeing that their panels produce electricity at a certain capacity for the entirety of that span of time.
  • Solar power systems can eliminate most of your electricity bill. Most utility companies will still charge a minimal “connection fee” that is made up of various tariffs and taxes imposed by the government so you will usually see a residual few dollars. In our experience, $10-15 is common, but it can vary wildly depending on your utility and your location. With the right planning, however, your solar panels can generate enough electricity to meet your needs over a 12-month period.

Solar PV systems have been around a long time.

  • In 1839 (you read that right, 1839), Edmond Becquerel used an electrochemical cell to demonstrate the PV effect. The first solar cell was experimented with by Charles Fritts in 1884 but was terribly inefficient. Many places online credit Bell Telephone as the inventor of the solar cell in 1954, and there may be some technicality-truth to that, but the PV effect is definitely not theirs to claim.

PV systems are easy-to-use as a homeowner

  • Solar PV systems are highly durable, made of tempered glass. They are constructed to withstand hail, snow, rain, and high winds. In addition, they may even extend the life of your roof by protecting against the daily wear and tear.
  • Maintenance is almost never a concern for your panels. Due to their construction, they won’t need to be washed or cleaned except in the most extreme circumstances.

Solar PV systems are a great solution, almost anywhere

  • Solar panels can be installed almost anywhere in the US. Most locations in the States get enough sunlight to produce sufficient electricity from the panels.
  • PV systems can be built directly onto your home that is tied to the electrical grid. This means they do not require batteries, although having a whole-home battery backup system is definitely an option, especially if you live somewhere that blackouts of the grid are a reality. Here in Florida, we know that hurricanes mean lines down and power being out. With the proper system, your battery back up can mean the difference between a cool fridge and spoiled food.
  • PV systems can be installed in a number of ways for your home energy needs. The most common is by utilizing Southern-facing facets of your roof (in the Northern hemisphere) to access the most direct sunlight. However, other options exist such as creating a solar canopy atop your driveway to shelter your car. Anywhere that receives direct sunshine with minimal shading is a viable option for your solar array.


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