Solar is everywhere today and unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, it’s installed in more homes every single day. Heck, the chances are – if you’re here you’re already in the kicking tires phase as to whether or not you should buy.

With there being more financial incentives to move to solar than ever before – we decided to move a little past the lease vs. buy debate and talk the straight dirt – the reason getting into solar now is so important. So let’s jump right in.

Incentives are new, but they won’t last forever.

No, really. That’s the honest answer. Solar incentives are designed to encourage adoption. Many of these incentives are really funds that have, well… limited funding. They’re simply available on a first come, first serve basis.

Let’s take as an example the renewable energy tax credit. While it has been extended in congress, it was extended by less – and expect that number to shrink during each renewal. If you install systems in your home, know that these credits can reduce your taxes dollar for dollar and can be rolled over – so be sure to jump on things as quickly as you can.

Yes, solar will lower your bill, but buying it will maximize the benefit.

While everyone’s in the place they’re at financially, you might not have the luxury of buying your panels. Maybe you’ll have to lease. The good news is even leasing will reduce your costs 20-30%. But if you buy one, you’ll quite literally enjoy almost 100% of the savings once you’ve recouped the cost of the system installation itself.

But is it right for my home?

A lot of homeowners get cold feet for a lot of reasons. For example, folks in the Pacific Northwest and northeast get nervous because they don’t feel like there’s enough sun. Flip side of that, is that panels not only store the electricity – allowing you to bank the electricity; but they collect indirect sunlight as well – which means light through clouds. And even better – the colder the climate, the more efficient your panels will work.

When you live in warmer areas like we do down here in Florida, you have nothing to worry about.

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